Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Check Out My Very First Live Broadcasted Interview!


I was very nervous at first but I soon got into the flow of the flow of the show thanks to the down to earth style of the talented Vanessa Vanney! I had a great time and I am looking forward to doing it again!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Valentine's Day Is Coming Up!

...And I, of course once again, won't have a valentine. But somehow I always enjoy myself. I guess it might be all  the chocolates and nuts, and wine and the smell of roses everywhere. The worse part of Valentine's Day is that people know I am single and think I need cheering up. Usually, the older married ladies in the office are the ones that do all the unsolicited pitying. Bringing me and the other single girls stuff like a single rose and a little tiny box of Whitmans chocolates.  I'm damn near fifty but I'm still a girl because I don't have a man? Oh whatever. On the other hand, I'm such an old spinster that the kids( nieces and nephews) don't even share their Hershey Kisses, or  the pink box of Sweethearts with me anymore. I guess they think I no longer care about romance or candy. I do have to admit, I'm over those hard Sweethearts, especially the white ones.  And those kids don't even give me an I LUV U AUNTIE card anymore to stick on the fridge  with a potato chip magnet. I don't know what's worse the indifference or the pity. Okay, it's the indifference. With the pity I get candy.
      But there is one thing single girls and boys can always depend on to get us through the day and night without a lover of our own on this special day. Something that is sure to put a smile to unkissed lips, a hot tingle between the thighs, sometimes even a sigh or a moan. Something to take the edge off until the real thing can be captured, even if it is just temporary. You wonder what can do all that short of a love potion? I've got the answer right here. 
      For love, romance and/or some sweet hot sex- try a book or two of mine! Or any author you think can get you hot, or feeling romantic. Personally, I think mine are the best, but I'm not going to pressure you or anything by pointing out that for Valentine's Day all my e books will be on sale! Check out my video for details.

        Now, here is some sexual chocolate by the Isley Brothers.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blog Hop Winner!!!

And the winner of an e book copy of my Heart of an Outlaw novel, from the New Year's Blog Hop 2014, is Theresa Byrd! Congratulations Theresa, so glad you won!


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I'm participating in a New Year's Blog Hop with prizes that include gift card prizes from Amazon, and books penned by some amazing authors!!!

Stacy Campbell
Charmaine Galloway
Tremayne Moore
Barbara Joe Williams
Adrienne Thompson
Sandra Hall

Clink the link below for more details to get in on the fun and prizes!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Patience, Dear Readers, Patience


 I guess, by now most of you (people who read my blog once in a while) know I write across the genres of romance. I'm on my third historical western, my fourth supernatural, and my third adult contemporary novel. These are my favorite type of stories so these are what I daydream about and end up putting on paper and eventually I will publish it.

      Now, here's my thing right here; do readers have a problem with that? According to some Facebook readers/writers, I need to pick a genre and stick with it. Why? Because they say it is hard to support a self published writer who might only manage to get around to publishing a story  in the genre they want to read once a year, if they are lucky. Really? Is it that serious? Do they expect the same of traditional authors? Are these readers really only reading one genre of fiction? Does it make sense to expect a writer to only produce one type of work? 
     Personally, I'd be bored out of my head reading only about witches and werewolves, because I sure would get tired of only writing about them. So I mix it up a bit for my own enjoyment and creativity. If I don't love it, I can't expect any reader to even like it.
     Someone suggested I use a pen name for each genre I wish to dabble my hand. I think that is a bit out there. I love my name and the way it looks on a book cover and I want everyone to know it was Sandra Hall that wrote Fine Lines, and not some made up Ann Marie Banes, whom I'd have to make up a fake author's biography. It was hard enough deciding what to include in my real biography. Don't mention websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter! I just don't have time for fake stuff. Power to those that do.
     I know people hate waiting. I sure hated waiting ten years for Stephen King to finish the Dark Tower series, even though he was continually publishing other stuff that I ran out like a junkie to buy. I still wanted the next Dark Tower novel in my hot, little, shaking hands as soon as possible.
      I wish I could please everyone, but before I can please one reader, I have to please myself first with the content I'm putting down on paper or laptop screen.  I can't force it out on demand and enjoy the experience. Some writers can, I can't. For me writing is a craft of love and patience. Being self published gives me the freedom to be creative in the way it comes to me. If I'm thinking of demons fighting dragons, I'm going to write about demons fighting dragons.
      So, if you prefer my westerns over my supernaturals the best way to get me to get another western out quickly is to let me know how much you like them. Don't threaten to desert me, or make me feel bad, if I don't. Just know I'm trying very hard to get this work done in a timely fashion, genre by genre, just for you, my dear beloved readers.